I remember my first day in kindergarten, we were asked to draw a flower. I looked at how every one did theirs and then drew mine and since then I started teaching my self how to draw by looking at nature and copying what I saw.  Much later in life I was told I should go and learn how to oil paint so I started to teach myself how to stretch canvas and prime and oil paint.

I experimented with other coloring materials as well, such as water color, soft pastel and more but my favorite remains to be oil painting.

I sold some of my paintings here and also over seas as well as a few custom order paintings. One of the most enjoyable parts for me is passing on what I learned to the younger generations; how to be creative and use different techniques and materials or to combine different materials and ideas together.
I have been teaching since 1987 part time different subjects such as a second language, basic science and engineering as well as Art.
For me teaching Art is when I engage with the students the most because you learn more about their passion and imagination, interests and more.

I use nature and spirituality in my paintings. Engineering runs in my blood from my father,  which allows me to enjoy building my own canvases. When I oil paint it is my most treasured time to relax and meditate. It comes naturally and every one should try it as a therapeutic way to relax, whether they are born with that talent or not.
My 2 children also inherited a strong artistic talent. One is a very skilled film editor and the other is a creative writer among other things.

We also have a long history in comedy and strong sense of humor and enjoy bringing the jokes into our art work and life. For me the entire process of creation is one big beautiful amazing work of art.
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Ronit Hassan
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