The Johns Creek Arts Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was founded in 1996 as the Warsaw-Ocee Arts Center with the purpose of providing arts services to audiences in north Fulton County. The organization changed its name to the Johns Creek Arts Center in 2006 when we moved into our current location on Abbotts Bridge Road in the City of Johns Creek. The arts center facility boasts an outstanding clay and ceramic studio, a digital arts lab, and instruction in a wide variety of visual media. JCAC also has an expansive outreach program that conducts classes and workshops in more than a dozen locations in surrounding communities.

Mission & Vision

The Johns Creek Arts Center strives to inspire artistic development by stimulating individual creativity and devising a catalyst for personal and community growth by providing quality art instruction and outreach programs.

The Johns Creek Arts Center’s vision is to be a community arts center providing affordable quality arts education to the residents of North Fulton and surrounding communities.  We offer a wide and diverse variety of adult and youth classes, after school art enrichment programs, outreach programs for seniors and outreach programs for under-served low income youth.