The Johns Creek Arts Center, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, in partnership with other non-profits,  has committed to enriching the lives of marginalized and underserved residents, including members of the BIPOC community, families experiencing homelessness, senior citizens, and persons who are differently-abled, by providing quality arts instruction and inclusive and equitable outreach programming, that is accessible by the members of our diverse community.  This translates to more than 100 programs annually at venues stretching to a 25-mile radius of the arts center.

Each year the Johns Creek Arts Center conducts more than 225 8-week visual art classes for youth and adults.  We offer an expansive summer camp program with 70 one- week art camps, attended by 1000 campers and with a waitlist of 430 students.  The center provides scholarships for those who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend.  With a strong commitment to supporting artists, we feature 23 exhibitions annually (7 at the arts center and 16 in offsite venues) that showcase local artists living and working in our area.

The Johns Creek Arts Center outreach program could not exist without the efforts of our dedicated volunteers!  With a guild of 29 members, and a volunteer pool of 26 students and interns, the center has volunteers who assist in classes, at camps, workshops, and events, and are responsible for providing thousands of hours of service each year.

In terms of the volume of programming, we are the second busiest visual arts center in the State of Georgia.

Annually, the center reaches an audience of 12,000+ drawing most of our participation from Fulton, Gwinnett, Forsyth counties.  An ongoing relationship with Fulton County Government has provided the arts center with yearly financial support and a mandate to include all of north Fulton County and its scope of programming.

In 2021, Johns Creek Arts Center received recognition by the Georgia Senate, House of Representatives and Fulton County Board of Commissioners for our commitment to the community through our outreach programs, followed by the Mayor of Johns Creek in 2022.  We are a Legacy Partner with Fulton County, one of only four total.

Our success stems from the center’s dedication to making a profound impact on our community, and providing our audiences with art enrichment and education that is culturally reflective of our participants, and of consistent high-quality.

Outreach partners include:

The Drake House in Roswell, Star House which represents the title 1 schools of Mimosa Elementary, Vickery Mill Elementary and Esther Jackson Elementary, Newtown Park Senior Art Enrichment Program, Ocee Library and North Fulton Charities.  The Johns Creek Arts Center provides handmade ceramics to Meals on Wheels and our organization is the premier partner of Art Pharmacy.