I was born in Singapore, and worked as a dentist for 20 years before moving to Atlanta in 2001 with my family.  I am always very keen on the arts, and started pottery 10 years ago while homeschooling my autistic son. I enjoy exploring different techqiues and applying them to my sculptural and functional work creatively  Being an active ceramic artist, I am always looking for new ways to express my art by attending classes and workshops regularly. Since 2016, I have been displaying my work in different galleries in Georgia and other states, and have won a number of awards.

In 2014, in collaboration with my son’s speech therapist, I started a weekly social skills group for my son and his friends, which led me to understand these young people’s needs in doing something they enjoy with their friends in a safe, guided environment. I am passionate about helping our young people create with their hands, make friends, and have fun doing it!

Clay has brought a lot of joy and creativity to my world and I hope my students would enjoy the process as well.

See my work at www.keoklim.com

Keok Lim
Designation: Ceramics Instructor
List of Classes, instructor is teaching:
K.) Intermediate Handbuilding Thursday Mornings Winter 2021
N.) All Level Handbuilding Fridays Winter 2021