Gabrielle (Gabbie) Woodman has always had a strong passion for the arts! She is a sculptor with a background centered in ceramics, but has experience working with a variety of different mediums in order to create 3D forms. She has dabbled in woodworking, metal casting, and welding and is eager to continue exploring all kinds of different 3D mediums.

Gabbie first started attending classes and summer camps at the Johns Creek Arts Center when she was five years old and she’s continued to be involved ever since. She began by volunteering, and then working as an assistant for handbuilding, teen wheel, drawing and painting, and many more of the summer camps. During the summers of 2022 and 2023, Gabbie has worked as the on-site Summer Camp Coordinator for the art center’s camps that have been located at the Johns Creek Presbyterian church. She is looking forward to beginning teaching the teen mixed media sculpture class as well as three pf the after school elementary programs this fall. Gabbie is excited to share her passion, creativity, and love of the arts with others!

Gabbie Woodman
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