Ana Leal Pottery 2-Day Workshop

Learn how to alter porcelain to create a 3-dimensional design on the surface. Ana will demo this technique on closed and open forms. A wheel-thrown piece will be provided for the attendees to alter. You can have a design in mind or let it be abstract. Altering clay has endless possibilities. Learn to paint watercolor in three distinct techniques using underglazes. A leather-har tile will be provided for painting underglazes.

About the artist:  Ana Leal is originally from Brazil and is a retired designer/mechanical engineer who has been working with clay since 2011. She fell in love with clay by accident and it has been her passion ever since. Her experience in working with Computer Aided Design has given her an advantage in visualizing the 3-D surface decoration she achieves on her work. She works mainly with porcelain because that gives her a white canvas to work on. She is inspired by tropical nature and uses that in her work by altering, carving and painting on clay. Ana has a passion for sharing her processes with others and will having more workshops in the future.

Work sold via:  instagram


DatesSat., 14 Sep. 2019 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
              Sun., 15 Sep. 2019 9:00 am – 3:00 pm