Having been raised in a sewing family, Teresa started sewing as a child. In school she made her school clothes and enjoyed competing in local sewing competitions. After college, she started a computer business and traveled the entire US for 13 years until marrying and starting a family. With a desire to stay at home with 2 small children, Teresa shifted her computer interest into computerized sewing. Through her home business, she specialized in custom draperies and other home decorating items.

When her kids started school, she began working with the State Agricultural Division in Charlotte, NC teaching sewing skills, 4-H Camps and classes on setting up home based sewing businesses. During that time, Paramount Studios moved their show services division to Charlotte and contacted Teresa to sew and design for their TV networks and ice skating performers. In addition she specialized in making the large manned characters for their theme parks. Recently, she designed and constructed a large manned character costume for the Johns Creek Police Department named “Billy Badge”. This character is in local parades and visits schools to teach kids about safety.

Currently, Teresa teaches sewing and participates in National Sewing Expos across the country. This enables her to expand her educational experiences as well as exchanging ideas with other sewing professionals. “Sewing has been a wonderful adventure and provided lots of travel opportunities which have enhanced my sewing skills. I have sewn live flower leis in Hawaii, studied delicate sewing skills in Belgium and visited a woman in Puerto Rico who made delicate bobbin lace for Barbara Bush’s Inaugural gown.”

Teresa’s sewing hints have been published through Nancy Ziemann.

Teresa Gaddes
Designation: Sewing Instructor
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