I have an M.F.A. in Painting from UCLA in 1981, where I studied under a faculty of famous artists. I was fortunate to be an artist’s assistant where I learned the challenges of the business of the art world both from the artist’s side and gallery side. After some years in the design world, I tried teaching and found teaching it to be a natural fit for my personality. I started teaching at UCLA as a teacher’s assistant and then taught art classes part time at a community college.

I moved to Atlanta in1996 and taught foundational art and design courses at The Art Institute of Atlanta for 20 years. Now retired, I continue to teach painting classes at various venues in and around Atlanta, Georgia, including Spruill Center for the Arts, Kudzu Art Zone, Dunwoody Fine Arts Association, NGAA Suwanee Art Center and Johns Creek Center for the Arts.

Artist’s Statement

I’ve always had a painting on my easel but now I have more time to concentrate my focus on my own artwork. I love to paint portraits, figures and abstract paintings.  I’m inspired by the Modern Master Artists and Abstract Expressionism. I use photography and sketches as an inspiration and create an abstracted form through color, texture and composition. I use many layers of paint to create a camouflage of colors and movement between negative and positive space. I start the painting with an abstract approach using broad strokes of color. Then I layer a line drawing on top. I work from models and photography to create the compositions. The drawing technique I use are referred to as “lost and found” contour line. I select focal points in the figure or face to develop and more rendered three-dimensional style. I love bold color palettes and expressive painting techniques. I use subjects from an earlier time and place them in contemporary settings. I enjoy blending an iconic figure from the past into the present with a bold expressionist style. But I also use subjects from nature, such as flowers and trees for their beautiful organic line qualities. I’m always looking for subjects that resonate with me. I want the choice of colors to envelope the figure or subject in an emotional world. My emphasis is on colorful abstraction and its emotional impact on the viewer.

Summer Lowe
Designation: Painting