Stevie’s unique background is reflected in her art and the various experiences she incorporates in her teaching to her students.  Prior to coming to the Johns Creek Arts Center, Stevie was a primary elementary school educator, co-founded the first women’s savings and loan in California, owned and operated an indoor plant store, served on the board for many nonprofits and raised four artists of her own.

Stevie earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of Colorado. She then moved to Los Angeles and taught for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Later, Stevie headed the parents volunteer art program for one of the elementary schools in the Beverly Hills Unified School District. Once she relocated with her family to Atlanta, she served on the Board for the Nexus Contemporary Arts Center, creating and implementing the Family History Artbook Project. She began teaching classes at Abernathy Arts Center in 1992, then recruited  to join the Johns Creek Arts Center when it opened in 1997.

She has continued her art education through classes and workshops in papermaking, chinese painting, and raku. Her work has been seen in many shows throughout the Southeast and in Los Angeles. Stevie and her husband have been avid art collectors with an emphasis on Contemporary and Folk Art.

Stevie has proudly been a Girl Scout Leader and continues her support of the Scouts, assisting them in earning their patches through the Johns Creek Arts Center Program. Stevie is dedicated to inspiring students of all ages to unleash their creativity and start them on a lifelong path to appreciating art.

Stevie Sackin
Designation: Youth Clay & Multi-Media Instructor