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Blackstory: Selected Works by African American Artists

The Artist creates the material that we look back on as part of history.

-Roy De Carava

Despite a dark history of enslavement, pervasive racism and limited opportunity, African American artists have tremendously enriched the canon of American art. Overcoming staggering odds and enduring tremendous hardships, African American visual artists developed a rich visual language to ensure their stories were told and their voices were not lost. From the pioneering artists of the Harlem Renaissance era to the politically charged artwork of the Black Arts movement, to those artists working today, artists of African descent have created art and chronicled the complexities and the richness of the Black experience in many different ways. They are the griots -the culture keepers. This exhibition showcases contemporary African American artists working a variety of media and representing multiple perspectives on the African diaspora and/or African American culture, history or experience. The opening reception for the exhibition will take place on February 1st, 6-7:30 pm. at the Johns Creek Arts Center, and the art will be on display through February 29th

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By My Hand: The Work of Self-Taught Artists showcases artists active throughout the South who have had little or no formal training. Alternatively referred to as folk art, vernacular art, or outsider art, the work of self-taught artists often possesses a freshness, individuality, and highly personal perspective that reflects the artist’s unique vision and need to create. In addition to highlighting the work of local artists with growing reputations in the region, this exhibition includes art by nationally recognized self-taught artists such as Howard Finster, Charlie Lucas, Cornbread, Nellie Mae Rowe and Bill Traylor. The Johns Creek Arts Center invites the public to join us for the opening reception on October 12 from 6-7:30 pm. The exhibition will remain on display through November 16.